Harness earth to heal the planet

Perennial is building the world’s leading verification platform for soil-based carbon removal.

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It’s the soil under our feet.

It’s also the most powerful solution we have for reversing climate change. Our vision is to unlock soil as the world’s largest carbon sink. We are building trusted standards, tools, and technologies to help verify climate-smart agriculture at a global scale.

For Project Developers

Project developers help growers draw down carbon and increase their bottom line

  • Trusted Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) for soil carbon projects
  • Baseline, monitor, verify, and sell carbon offsets
  • Is your carbon program having growing pains? Learn how we can help.
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For the Food Supply Chain

The food supply chain is decarbonizing, and it starts with measuring emissions

  • Our data platform tracks land-based emissions and sequestration at any scale, from field to continent
  • No-touch Scope 3 assessments
  • Independent ratings to power climate-friendly branded food and sustainable sourcing
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Powered by ground-breaking technology

Measurement was the barrier to scaling climate-smart agriculture, until now

  • Perennial fuses machine learning, ground observations, and satellite data to measure soil carbon accurately and affordably
  • We combine big data with industry-standard methods to estimate land-based emissions at scale
  • We are setting the standard for remote verification of soil carbon offsets
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Backed by leaders in climate, tech, food, and carbon markets

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Cloud Agronomics is now Perennial. We raised $18M to build the future of soil carbon verification.
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